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Maison Astier

 Dec 27, 2016

Hôtel Le Mareuil's prime location means you can soak up neighbourhood life, such a great feature of Paris: in the Oberkampf district, for instance, you might fancy settling round a table in a traditional bistro, La Maison Astier.

Paris has lost none of its picturesque charm, as you will discover in establishments such as this, at 44 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in the 11th Arrondissement. Maison Astier feels like an old-time bistro: tablecloths and napkins with large red and white checks, period wooden chairs and tables, art deco lamps, etc. The locals call this quintessential, grassroots Parisian spirit "le titi Parisien", a spirit to be found in the food as well: traditional French cuisine takes pride of place, but with a modern twist that makes these dishes quite sublime.

La Maison Astier - 44 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud – 75 011 Paris