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Toulouse Lautrec exhibition

Toulouse Lautrec exhibition

 Nov 15, 2019

Toulouse Lautrec Exhibition

Many exhibitions have been proposed about the “Culture of Montmartre” of Toulouse Lautrec since his last retrospective almost 30 years ago.

Le Grand Palais shows his own singularity and allows you now to visit all the range of its art in more than 225 paintings.

More than electric lights and pleasures of the “Vie Parisienne” Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec also wanted to point out all the different appearances of the society.

You will learn through this exhibition how this aristocrat from Languedoc wanted to show his own view on the almost 1900’s Paris.

He has been a precursor of the XXth Century like for the futurism movement.


From October 9th, 2019 till January 27th 2020.

Monday, Thursday, Sunday    : (10 AM / 08 PM)

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday : (10 AM / 10 PM)

Tickets   : Full : 15 €

                : Reduced 11€